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Vietnam e-Visa Eligibility

  • Japanese citizens are eligible to apply for apply for Vietnam e-Visa
  • Japan was chosen by Vietnam Government to be part Vietnam e-Visa program
  • Japanese citizens enjoy quick and seamless entry using the Vietnam e-Visa program

Other Requirements for Vietnam e-Visa

  • Japanese citizens are eligible for Online Vietnam Visa
  • Vietnam e-Visa is valid for arrival by air only
  • Vietnam e-Visa is for short tourist, business, transit visits

As an Japanese traveller, if you are looking for a guide which will educate you about everything you need to know about a Vietnam e-Visa for Japanese citizens, then this is the perfect guide for you. This guide comprises all the topics and sections about getting a Visa for Vietnam which will make it extremely easy for you to obtain one through the right way.

The different sections which will be thrown light on for gaining a Vietnam visa for Japanese citizens are necessary documents, processing period and application process.

What should an Japanese Citizen know about getting A Vietnam Visa

The meaning of the Vietnam Tourist Visa And the need for it

The Vietnam E-Visa is basically a visa for which an applicant must apply from their native country or any country outside Vietnam. The electronic visa for Vietnam is valid for a single-entry use for a period of thirty days.

This e-Visa can also be referred to as the Vietnam Tourist Visa. Why do Japanese citizens need a visa is simple. A Visa is required for tourists of other countries to enter Vietnam.

Are Japanese Citizens eligible for gaining an Electronic Visa for Vietnam?

Yes. Passport holders from Japan are eligible for gaining Vietnam Visa Online or Vietnam e-Visa. This visa has a validity period of thirty days at max. The application can be completed online for this visa.

How Is a Single Entry Vietnam Visa different from a multiple entry Vietnam Visa?

The meaning of a single-entry visa is that it enables the entry and exit of the traveller in the country for only one time. However, a multiple entry visa enables the traveller to enter and exit the country multiple times in the period of the visa validity.

For how many days can Japanese Passport holders stay in Vietnam with the Vietnam Tourist Visa or a Vietnam e-Visa?

A tourist, with the Vietnam E-Visa or Vietnam Tourist Visa can stay in Vietnam for the duration of thirty days. The entry will be a single entry. However, the number of days highly depends on the kind of visa that the traveller is applying for.

What are the requirements to be fulfilled by Japanese Citizens for Vietnam Visa

Essential Documents for Vietnam Visa

There are several essential documents that are required for gaining a Vietnam visa that every Japanese applicant must possess.

  • The Japanese citizen needs to possess a valid Japanese Passport.
  • A face photo of themselves.
  • A photo of Passport information page.
  • Flight ticket to return to Japan.
  • Proof of accommodation or temporary address in Vietnam which can be a hotel address or the address of a relative’s house, etc.

Face Photograph Requirements

The requirements for the passport size photograph are as follows

  • The photograph should be the latest one. It is advisable for the applicant to paste an image of themselves which was taken in the last six months.
  • The photograph must be in colours. No black and white images are allowed.
  • The photograph should display the entire face of the applicant. The photo must be pasted in a way that no sections of the applicant's face are cut out.
  • No hats or head coverings must be worn in the head or the face. Religious exceptions included.
  • The background should be white. And glasses, hearing aids or wigs can be allowed for medical purposes only. Apart from that, no glasses are allowed for the images that must be submitted in the application questionnaire.

Passport Requirements

The Japanese applicant needs to make sure that their passport has a validity period of thirty days minimum after the expiration date of the Vietnam visa.

Application Process for obtaining a Vietnam Visa for Japanese Passport Holder

The Application Location

An Japanese traveller can apply for a Vietnam Visa at the following locations.

  • is a trusted and reliable website for gaining a Visa for Vietnam in a speedy manner.
  • Vietnamese Embassy: One can travel to the Embassy present in their country.
  • Visa on Arrival: During arrival at the international airport of Vietnam. This is generally referred to as Visa on Arrival or VOA.

The easiest way to obtain a Vietnam Visa for Japanese Passport Holders

The speediest way for obtaining a Visa for Japanese passport holders is through Vietnam Visa Online. The application process for gaining a Vietnam Visa is made simpler and thorough guidance is provided in the entire process.

What is the method of application for a Vietnamese Visa for Japanese citizens?

Japanese citizens are fortunate that they are eligible for a quick, simple, easy and streamlined process for applying an electronic and Online Vietnam Visa Application. The Vietnam Online Visa Application Form is a very succinct and to the point Online Application Form which is typically finished in under five (5) minutes. It is expected that the individual applying for this form knows details and keeps the following information handy such as their passport page details, their home address, email address, office designation and occupation details. You can take the photo of your face and passport with the mobile phone and upload along with the application.

Japanese citizens do not need to stand in the queue in any bureaucratic Government office, or consulate or the Embassy of Vietnam to acquire and entry into Vietnam. There are 80 such countries in the world who are eligible for this simple, smooth and quick process. Japan also belongs to this exclusive club and Vietnam Visa for Austrian citizens can be obtained in a few days on this website. You will receive the Vietnam Visa Online electronically by email in the PDF format. This eVisa for Vietnam is linked to your passport. As soon as you receive confirmation by email, you can take the flight to the airport to Vietnam. Japanese citizens are lucky that they can receive Vietnam Visa by email because the process has been made rapid and simplified for Japanese citizens. The only expectation and requirement for Japanese citizens is to have possess a working Email Id, a functioning Credit / Debit card. You also need a photo that you can take by phone of your face and biodata page of the Passport.

The Vietnam Visa fees is also paid online, as soon as you have made this payment, the eVisa application process for Vietnam Visa commences. Since the Japanese citizens receive Vietnam Visa by email, it saves them time and effort of needing to visit any office of Government for passport stamping. You can take the electronic copy as the evidence of eVisa and go to the Airport and take flight to Vietnam. Expect to receive Vietnam Visa Online (eVisa Vietnam) for Japanese citizens within a week, most cases are resolved in five business days. In some rare case the Vietnam Immigration may contact you for additional information for your application process which can add a couple more days to the process. 98% cases are resolved in 5 business days and we recommend that you apply 1 week in advance of your trip to Vietnam.

Tutorial For Vietnam Visa Application On Arrival

Just like the application process for gaining a Vietnam E-Visa, the Vietnam Visa on arrival process is also simple and uncomplicated. The application needs to be submitted digitally. For gaining the Vietnam Visa on arrival, the applicant needs to submit the application before they start their trip to Vietnam.

Firstly, the applicant is required to complete the submission of a digital visa application questionnaire. Then, the Japanese citizen needs to gain an approval letter from the Vietnamese government. Then, obtain a Vietnam Visa stamp during arrival. The arrival and stamp obtaining processes will occur on the international airports of Vietnam.

The Arrival In Vietnam

When the applicant enters Vietnam, they must make sure that they are carrying their passport, visa and return flight ticket. These documents will be viewed by the immigration officers during arrival in Vietnam. If the applicant has applied for a visa on arrival, then they must make sure that they are carrying the approval letter, passport and return flight ticket. Then the applicant needs to get a Visa stamp in the VOA section of the airport.

Frequently Asked Questions about Vietnam e-Visa

Extra Details About the Vietnam Tourist Visa

Vietnam Visa Regulations During the Vietnam Tour

Two important rules that every tourist needs to abide by while touring in Vietnam are as follows:-

  • The tourist will not be allowed to work or conduct business while they are on a tourist Visa to Vietnam.
  • The tourist will not be allowed to stay more than the Visa validity in Vietnam.

Is it possible to extend the Vietnam Tourist Visa?

The Vietnam Tourist Visa can be extended. This extension takes place at the Immigration department. These departments are in the city or province that the tourist is staying in.

The Consequences Of Overstaying In Vietnam

The tourist who will stay in Vietnam more than the date mentioned in their visa will have to pay a fine. Based upon the number of days the tourist is overstaying in Vietnam, they may face a van from entering the country. The Vietnam government may deport the tourists from Vietnam to their hometown again.

Is it allowed to work in Vietnam on a Vietnam Tourist Visa?

With a Vietnam Tourist Visa, a tourist cannot work in Vietnam. However you can be engaged in business activities. The main purpose of the visa is tourism. So only travelling and tourism can happen on the tourist Visa. The traveller can indulge in leisure activities, discover the country, go to tourist spots, meet relatives, etc. The traveller may engage in commercial activity but cannot join Vietnam labour market.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vietnam Visa for Japanese Citizens

What is the approval period of the Vietnam visa?

As soon as the traveller submits their application to the Vietnam Immigration Department, it will be viewed by the concerning authorities. Once viewed, necessary action will be taken and an approval for the Vietnam Visa will be emailed to the applicant. Generally, the approval period is four (4) to seven (7) business days long. But due to high demand for the visa, it may increase accordingly.

How many entry and exit ports are dedicated for tourists entering with Vietnam Visa Online?

As of now, tourists can enter the country through thirty-three different ports. These ports comprise the international airports, land ports and the seaports. These ports are in Vietnam through which tourists can both enter the country and exit the country.

Which countries can gain an electronic visa for Vietnam?

Currently, there are eighty (80) countries in total who can gain an electronic visa for entering Vietnam. Japan is one of those eighty countries whose citizens can apply for an E-Visa and gain an E-Visa for Vietnam. It is highly advisable for each traveller from different countries to check if their country comes in the list of the eighty (80) countries who are granted the electronic Visa. The list of countries can be checked on the home page of Vietnam Visa Online.

Things to do and places of interest for Japanese Citizens

  • Visit Yen Bai (Off The Beaten Track)
  • Cu Chi Tunnels Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Fire-Breathing Dragon Bridge Da Nang, Vietnam
  • The Tomb of Nguyen Emperor Khai Dinh tx. Hương Thủy, Vietnam
  • Da Lat Crazy House Dalat, Vietnam
  • The White Sand Dunes of Vietnam Hòa Thắng, Vietnam
  • Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Hỏa Lò Prison Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Trompe-l'œil Murals of Hanoi Hanoi, Vietnam
  • War Remnants Museum Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Saigon Central Post Office Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Japanese Embassy in Hanoi, Vietnam


Lieu Giai Hanoi Vietnam





Please apply for a Vietnam e-Visa four(4)-seven (7) days in advance of your flight.